Prison Law

    Whether you are a serving or recently released prisoner, we can advise you on your rights arising from your time in custody.

    At KOD Lyons, we endorse fully the views of the Irish Penal Reform Trust (the IPRT) with regard to improving the treatment of prisoners in Ireland as set out in their Mission Statement:

    “IPRT is committed to respecting the rights of everyone in the penal system and to reducing imprisonment. We are working towards progressive reform of the penal system based on evidence-led policies and on a commitment to combating social injustice. IPRT will achieve our goals through affecting changes in policy, in practice, in law and through influencing public opinion”.

      We represent clients with regard to issues surrounding their imprisonment. Types of work include:
    • Dealing with loss of remission and breaches of prison discipline;
    • Personal injury actions arising from mistreatment in custody;
    • Making representations to Prison authorities regarding access to education, training, medical treatment and counseling whilst in custody;
    • Habeus Corpus applications;
    • Applications to transfer foreign prisoners to their home country;
    • Advising in relation to parole hearings;
    • Compassionate bail applications.


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