Immigration and Asylum

    Our solicitors, who are recognised as specialists in this area, have been involved in numerous landmark cases and advise on all immigration matters.

    Our immigration and asylum work aims to promote the rights of immigrants and asylum seekers in Ireland and we advocate for a clear, fair and transparent immigration and asylum system which is in compliance with EU law and international legislation. KOD Lyons Immigration and Asylum team is managed by two leading senior solicitors who are recognised specialists in the area. We have an excellent success record and extensive experience in the whole range of immigration, asylum and nationality work.

    Our solicitors have been involved in numerous landmark immigration and asylum Judicial Reviews, including the 2010 test cases regarding the review process of EU Treaty Rights decisions, the successful challenge to the constitutionality of Section 12 of the Immigration Act, 2004 and the recent preliminary reference to the European Court of Justice in H.I.D. and B.A. v MJELR. 

    We understand that having an irregular immigration status or being in the asylum system can be most distressing, and we pride ourselves in providing a comprehensive, friendly and efficient service.  We have the knowledge and expertise to take challenging cases and achieve the best possible results for our clients. We always provide our services for a fair and transparent fee and we will even act pro-bono depending on the legal issues at hand and the client’s circumstances.

    To contact one of our solicitors working in this area, please fill out our online form.

      We provide advice and representation on:
    • All stages of the asylum process;
    • Applications for leave to remain and subsidiary protection;
    • Immigration offences and immigration-related detention;
    • Challenge to deportation orders;
    • Applications for the revocation of deportation orders;
    • Family reunification;
    • All types of visa applications;
    • Change of immigration status;
    • Applications for long-term and permanent residency;
    • Work permits and green cards;
    • Business permission for non-EEA nationals;
    • Applications for residency as a family member of an EU National;
    • Applications for residency as a family member of an Irish National;
    • Applications for residency based on parentage to an Irish citizen child (“Zambrano” applications);
    • Applications for naturalisation/citizenship.



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